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Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya

Looking at Anna Razumovskaya's works you always getting a feeling of artist sole tension behind the painting... "romanticism" is the word to describe Anna's works...interlacing of a quiet tones with the bright color impact at the end is the trade mark of the artist...abstract elements is the big aspect of every artwork and, in a combination with the sensual dynamics, creates an unforgettable experience for the viewer.

Artist Anna Razumovskaya: graduated from Russian State University For Arts (high-class artist) in 1991. From 1992 to 1995 studied art in Germany, Belgium, Holland. Had personal exhibitions in New York, Paris, Toronto, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin. There are many of Anna's works in private collections in the USA, Canada, Austria, Holland, France and Australia.

New Releases

english rose
English Rose
giro 1
Giro I
giro 2
Giro II
love story III
Love Story III
love story I
Love Story I
intermission 2
Intermission II

Previous Editions

summer melody II
Summer Melody II
flirting with a violin
Flirting With Violin
sounds of time
Sounds of Time
morning light
Morning Light
soul erflection
Soul Reflection
the earing
The Earing
silent prayer
Silent Prayer
holding the violin
Holding The Violin
black gown
Black Gown
deep desire
Deep Desire
morning touch
Morning Touch
too personal
Too Personal
morning Etude
Morning Etude
blue note II
Red Rose III
the night flower
Night Flower
odalisque I
Odalisque I
odalisque II
Odalisque II
sinful dreams
Sinful Dreams
love story
Love Story
blue desire
Blue Desire
morning angel
Morning Angel
dancing with violin1
Dancing Violin 1
dancing with violin 2
Dancing Violin 2
dancing with violin 3
Dancing Violin 3
soul enchanted
Soul Enchanted
lady In a blue dress
Lady Blue Dress
lady in red dress
Lady Red Dress 2
red violin
Red Violin
one moment please
One Moment...
soft as silk
Soft As Silk
melody reflection
Melody Reflection
future dream 2
Future Dream 2
future dreams 2
Future Dreams 2

by the window 3
By The Window 3
praying for love
Praying For Love