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holland image

Ever present and always enduring in Holland's life has been the journey of making images. Whether she is developing concepts on paper, canvas, or metal plates, she strives to draw honest and intriguing lines, to investigate the beautiful, as well as the odd, and to illuminate the common. Holland Berkley's goal in creating her art is to convey a sense of mystery and awe. Her human forms, abstracted rather than literal, are placed in an environment of graphic symbols and universal patterns derived from primitive cultures.

In her artist statement about her new work she says this "I am in the midst of creating a visual dialogue of abstracted andprimalfigurative paintings. These paintings are narrative and convey symbolic keys to moments in life. The energy and application of the surface is important as I build multiplelayers of rich pigmented oil and I feel that it is important to be spontaneous and raw. I try to allow the images to reveal themselves to me as much as possible while I push to abstract line, color and form. In this way I feel that I am remaining truthful and honest to the artistic impulse and the process of painting always remains a joyful discovery each time I approach the canvas. I have drawn much influence from Diebenkorn, and the California abstract figurative painters and also many more primitive cultures. Still it would be hard to place this body of work in a clear category…perhaps Nouveau Figurative."

Holland received her Bachelor of Fine arts in Painting and Art Education from the University of Southern Mississippi. She went on to teach art in the elementary public schoolsystem before pursuing a full time career as an artist.
Over the years, she has received numerous awards and exhibited in galleries and museums across the country.

Her work can be found in many notable private and public collections including Disney Corporation, Exxon Corporation, Universal Studios, Federal Express, Larson Juhl, Inc, and the Ritz Carlton Corporation.

New Releases

illusions of us
Illusions Of Us
our journey
Our Journey
jazz rehearsal
Jazz Rehearsal
three muses
Three Muses
serene bather
Serene Bather
woman in a dressing room
Woman In A
Dressing Room
woman with a garden chair
Woman With A
Garden Chair
tropical romance
Tropical Romance
white dove in spring
White Dove In
woman in a red room
Woman In A
Red Room
nude in blue
Nude In Blue
portrait of my heart
Portrait Of My

Nouveau Figurative

a clear view
A Clear View
dog and stream
Dog And Stream
standing strong
Standing Strong
our island
Our Island
our reflection
Our Reflection
the house that stands alone
The House That
Stands Alone
suburban walker
Suburban Walker
red dress and the shore
Red Dress And
The Shore
on a clear day
On A Clear

Atmospheric Landscapes

cerulean light on pond
Cerulean Light
On Pond
illumination I
Illumination I
illumination II
Illumination II
low country marsh
Low Country
misty view
Misty View
red tree line
Red Tree Line
tidal marsh at dawn
Tidal Marsh At
daybreak I
Daybreak I
daybreak II
Daybreak II
venetian landscape
sapphire marsh
Sapphire Marsh
ruby and gold vista
Ruby And Gold
stream study in amber
Stream Study IN