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Additional Artists

James Coleman

james coleman image

View James Coleman's artist bio here


New Releases

In The Glow of Moonlight
In The Glow Of
Moonlight In venice
Moonlight In Venice
Emerald Sunset
Emerald Sunset
No Wake Zone
No Wake Zone
Poppies In Provence
Poppies In Provence
Sunset Regatta
Sunset Regatta
Napali Moon
Napali Moon
Tunnel of light
Tunnel of Light


Past Releases

the evening begins
The Evening Begins
warm garden light
Warm Garden Light
Venice Evening
Venice Evening
Sacred Path
Sacred Path
In The Light Of Giverny
In The Light Of
paradise memories
Paradise Memories
evening rhythms
Evening Rhythms
afternoon breeze
Afternoon Breeze
natures serenity
Natures Serenity


Romantic Impressions Series

venice twilight
Venice Twilight
stroll along the marketplace
Stroll Along The
Market Place
immersed in romance
Immersed In Romance
luce accecante
Luce Accecante
moonlit canal
Moonlit Canal
nostaglic monument
Nostalgic Monument
on the avenue
On The Avenue
steps by the bay
Steps By The Bay
the red door
The Red Door
twilight by the sea
Twilight By The Sea
courtyard fountain
Courtyard Fountain
afternoon in the village
Afternoon In
The Village
a life of love
A Life Of Love
red door reflection
Red Door Reflection
as evening unfolds
As Evening Unfolds

Garden Series

a peaceful pause
A Peaceful Pause
the silence of light
The Silence Of
a spring to remember
A Spring To
time to reflect
Time To Reflect
in the glow of midnights moon
In The Glow Of
Midnights Moon
lasting memories
Lasting Memories
misty silence
Misty Silence
along still waters
Along Still Waters
reflections in the sparkling light
Reflections In The
Sparkling Light
majestic light
Majestic Light
garden light
Garden Light
quiet repose
Quiet Repose
golden moment
Golden Moment
Napa Vineyard

irises and lilies
Irises & Lilies


Tropical Series

island memories
Island Memories
midnight blue
Midnight Blue
rainbow falls
Rainbow Falls
reflective paradise
country road
Country Road
tropical dream
Tropical Dream
tropical radiance
Tropical Radiance
warm sand emerald water
Warm Sand
Emerald Water
aloha dream
Aloha Dream
aloha spirit
Aloha Spirit
hawaiian dream
Hawaiian Dream
warm aloha
Warm Aloha
falls of enchantment
Falls Of

Seabreezes Series - New Releases

harbour cafe
Harbour Cafe
portofino coast
Portofino Coast
portofino reflections
dockside cafe
Dockside Cafe
afternoon serenity
Afternoon Serenity
anchored in avalon
Anchored In Avalon
at home in avalon
At Home In Avalon
harbour sounds
Harbour Sounds
warm summer nights
Warm Summer Nights
days end
Day's End
along casino walk
Along Casino Walk
harbour lights
Harbour Lights

Wooded Series

a dream born again
A Dream Born
alone in the woods
Alone In The
bridge to serenity
Bridge To
guiding light
Guiding Light
lighting the way
Lighting The Way
pathway home
Pathway Home
warmth of the beckoning light
Warmth Of The
Beckoning Light
hidden dream
Hidden Dream
life is a journey
Life Is A
living light
Living Light
memories of aspen gold
Memories Of
Aspen Gold
mystical paradise
Mystical Paradise
pathway to the living light
Pathway To The
Living Light


Desert Series

desert light
Desert Light
deseet road
Desert Road
desert warm
Desert Warm
one still moment
One Still Moment
warm sun and saguro
Warm Sun And
sun and saguro
Sun and Saguro

James Coleman Bio

James Coleman was born in Hollywood in 1949. Fortunate enough to land a job in the mail room at Walt Disney Studios after high school, the young artist’s raw talent was unexpectedly noticed by Disney’s top animators, launching a 22 year career that would lead to his position as supervisor of the Animation Background Department.
Coleman’s first big break at Disney came when he entered a painting in the Disney Studio Art Show. A top artist for Disney, Ken Anderson, saw Coleman’s potential and encouraged him to go into animation background painting. His first job was as a background painter on Disney’s “The Rescuers”.

This led to a career spanning over 25 films. With films such as Winnie the Pooh, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid to his credit, Coleman eventually became one of the most sought after background artists in the industry. But Coleman's true passion was always Fine Art, and in 1991, he left Disney in order to pursue that passion full time. He describes this life changing decision as a window that needed to be opened:

"Windows can be intimidating because you don't know what's out there. But once you step through it, you're faced with this enormous amount of possibility. I never liked looking at windows directly, because once I see one, I have to go through it."

Today, James Coleman’s paintings have become some of the most valuable works of contemporary fine art in the world.