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Kerry Hallam

kerry hallam photo

Read Kerry Hallam's artist bio here.

after the storm
After The Storm
afternoon reverie
Afternoon Reverie
amalfi terrace
Amalfi Terrace
apres midi
Apres Midi
auberge du soleil
Auberge du Soleil
bella vista
Bella Vista
cafe di porto
Cafe Dii Porto
cafe de la ramparts
Cafe de la Ramparts
chemin de soleil
Chemin de Soleil
coastal view
Coastal View
crescent bay
Crescent Bay
eternal riviera
Eternal Riviera
final approach
Final Approach
fin du jour
Fin Du Jour
golden gate sunset
Golden Gate
crand canal venice
Grand Canal
grand corniche
Grand Corniche
grand hotel
Grand Hotel
home port
Home Port
hotel sirena
Hotel Sirena
lookout point
Lookout Point
mediterranean villa
menton harbor
Menton Harbor
moment of truth
Moment of Truth
monte carlo
Monte Carlo
notre dame
Notre Dame A La
ocean breeze
Ocean Breeze
paradise point
Paradise Point
paris sunrise
Paris Sunrise
paris sunset
Paris Sunset
petit dejeuner
Petit Dejeuner
piazza giardino
Piazza Digardino
portofino evening
Portofino Evening
riviera terrace
Riviera Terrace
riviera twilight
Riviera Twilight
rue de la mare
Rue de la Mare
st. barts
St. Barts
st. tropez marketplace
St. Tropez
sur la cote
Sur La Cote
sur la port
Sur La Port
sur la terrace
Sur La Terrace
terrace rendezvous
thames at waterloo
Thames At
twilight rendezvous
via fiore
Via Fiore
villa como
Villa Como
villa di mare
Villa Di Mare

Kerry Hallam Bio

The act of creating a painting can be compared to a journey that begins with the imagination of the artist and evolves into a dialogue between artist and viewer. Each artist travels this solitary journey carrying only his vision, talent, and commitment.

Kerry Hallam’s personal journey as an artist began as a young boy growing up in the cold grays of industrial Northern England during the recuperative period following World War II. Surrounded by soot, industry, cold and poverty, he dreamed of warmer, brighter places where the sun was not a stranger. This thirst for both geographic and artistic exploration led him to Hong Kong, Malaya, India, the Middle East as well as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. Each of these places fed the mind of the artist in him, but it was to be the South of France finally that fed his soul. The energy of Southern France seduced him with its romance and intensity. This potent, life-affirming environment determined the direction his art would follow.

Hallam currently lives and paints on Nantucket Island off the coast of New England ; her the only grays come in the form of thick fog rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean and the weathered cedar shingles of his studio and cottage. How he traveled from a day-dreaming boy to a world-famous artist is a story filled with twisting paths through cities and countrysides, haunted by the inspiration of great artists who had traveled similar paths.

Born with the somewhat vague ability which allows the hand to translate the mind’s eye, Hallam honed his talent and progressed from a gifted lad to an accomplished artist. Part of this journey involved earning a much-coveted admission and scholarship to London University. During his six years there, he was introduced to many of the great masters that form the basis of formal art education. Hallam was strongly influenced by both the scope of their work and their integrity of purpose. His professors included contemporary British master painters Leslie Cole, Patrick Heron and Hans Tisdale. They guided the youthful Hallam along a disciplined and thoughtful course of study and hard work.