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Lucy Liasheva

liasheva image

Born in Russia, Lucy Liasheva has had an abundant life from being a member of the Union of Designers(Russia), to publishing art manuals for students. Her vision somewhat askew with leaning buildings and synthetic skies with glowing green light, which will leave quite an impression on you, sometimes you’re not sure if it is real or a scene from a movie. With her jagged edged lines and thick texture that just needs to be touched. With carefully selected and much loved scenes of all the little nooks and crannies of the unseen, and view Europe as never before seen.

Mrs. Liasheva is a University of Design (Russia) graduate, and a member of the Union Designers. She has several international publications, patents and certificates of inventions in the design industry. Lucy is the author of art manuals for students.

She participated in the national and international trade shows and fairs. Her works are exhibited in the Museums of Arts and privare collections.

- Lucy Liasheva Member of the Union of Designers(Russia). Assistant Professor.
- Graduated from University of Design(Russia).
- Author of international publications, patents and inventions in industrial design.
- Participated in the national and international trade shows and fairs.
- The works are exhibited in the Museums of Art and private collections.
- Author of art manuals for students.

venice italy
Venice. Italy
italy portofino
Italy. Portofino
scotland morning
Scotland. Morning
italy venice
Italy. Venice
blue window
Blue Window
orange window
Orange Window
italy tuscany florance old door
Italy. Tuscany.
Florance. Old Door
spain old city
Spain. Old City
night prague
Night Prague
prague old street
Old Street
italy village
Italy Village
toronto cabbage town
Cabbage Town
italy winter verona
Italy. Winter.