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Hello Barry,
We couldn't be more pleased with the receipt of Pino's "White Rhapsody".  Abosulutely magnificent!!!  And, your professional communication throughout every step of this process and attention to customer comfort (service) is unsurpassed  (selection/purchase/logistics, etc....

This was a big decision for us.  Not only the challenge of which Pino piece to acquire, but who to select as a broker/dealer.  I believe that we chose the perfect first one..on both counts!!  Your patient observations of our desires...asking questions and listening carefully in speaking both with my and myself gave us such confidence that we would highly recommend you to our family, friends, and collegues as well as personally depend on your expertise with future acquisitions.

Approximately five (5) years ago, my wife and I were vacationing in the Texas Hill Country and one day of our trip we were exploring in the Boerne, Texas area when we stepped into a small gallery and "discovered" Pino.  

Thank you for making a dream five (5) years in the making come true.

Steve Vrabel



Hi Barry,
The Napa Vineyard hangs! And looks just great. Astonishing how the room has changed. Thank you for your help. Could not have done it without you. Thank you so much!




The piece is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have a dimmer on it along with Of Consciousness and Light. It is so awesome!!!!!!




Hi Barry,
Paintings arrived today and are truly excellent and totally as discussed. Thank you very much for everything you did to help with the deal. We are very impressed and will hope to do business some time again. I will certainly recommend you to other potential customers.

Thanks once again,

Best regards,




Barry, it came in on Thursday and I have just been too busy to let you know, except for the 15 minutes I spent just staring at the painting when I hung it up. I am in awe. I have stopped to just look at it several times since. This is one of the best things I have done. Tell Lindsay that this is my greatest treasure.

Thank you so much.





Attached is a photograph of Enchanted Hideaway's new home. As you can see, we built the perfect spot just for her!

I want to thank you for all you did to make this happen. As I told you the first time we talked, my husband and I had first seen the painting in 1994 in Hawaii and fell in love. We didn't have a space for it at the time, but took all the information down for the future but after six moves, we couldn't find the file. I had neither the artist's name or title of the painting. After months of searching on the internet and leaving messages at galleries describing the painting, I ran across a painting by James Coleman and realized that he was the artist so began searching his works to find "the One".

When I contacted you via the internet you were amazing. You actually knew Mr. Coleman and contacted him to discover that he only had two of the twenty-five artist proofs left and was willing to sell us number two. I was so excited when you told him our story and arranged to have a personal dedication to us by Mr. Coleman. You stayed in constant contact, giving us updates on the status and working with us to have it beautifully framed.

This has been a magical adventure. As Mr. Coleman wrote, "The piece has finally made its way home". Thank you for your special part in our story.





Hi Barry,

I did get the Pitre artwork this afternoon and am very happy. Each is great quality and exactly what we wanted.

Thanks for you help with getting them for us. We appreciate it.

We may be in your area this fall. I'll call if we make the Scottsdale trip and stop by your gallery.

Thanks again for getting the artwork for us.


Tim and Jan